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第一节 单项选择 (共20小题;每小题1.5分,满分30分)
1. -- Who is ________ man in a black hat?
-- It's Jim Brown. We often play ________ basketball together in our free time.
A. an; a B. a; / C. the; a D. the; /
2. -- Are these books ________?
-- No, they are not mine. They belong to ________.
A. your; her B. yours; her C. you; hers D. yours; she
3. -- All the workers went home yesterday ________ Mr. White. Why?
-- Because he was on duty.
A. except B. besides C. except for D. beside
4. Now, everyone, please turn to Page ________ and look at the ________ picture.
A. Twelve; fifth B. Twelfth; fifth C. Twelve; five D. Twelfth; five
5. -- I prefer sports shows ________ soap operas. What about you?
-- Me, too.
A. at B. than C. to D. of
6. Come on, ________ you’ll be late.
A. and B. but C. or D. so
7. I like these photos and they can ________ me ________ the life living in the countryside.
A. think; of B. remind; of C. let; down D. wake; up
8. ________ exciting news! We will have a ________ holiday after the exam.
A. What an; two months B. How an; two months
C. What; two-month D. How; two months'
9. -- I'll go to Japan for a trip next month.
--Great! ________
A. Good luck! B. Have a good time!
C. Best wishes! D. Glad to see you again!
10. Betty will ring me up when she ________ in Shanghai.
A. arrive B. arrives C. arrived D. will arrive
11. Bamboo can ________ paper.
A. used to make B. be used make C. be used to make D. be used to making
12. The doctor did what he could ________ the girl who was badly hurt in the accident.
A. save B. saving C. to save D. saves
13. -- Fifty dollars for such a blouse! You ________ be joking!
-- I'm serous. It's made of silk.
A. must B. can C. may D. need
14. -- Why are you so tired these days?
-- Well, I have ________ work to do.
A. too much B. too many C. much too D. many too
15. -- Do you know ________ Dunhuang with his family?
-- Next week.
A. when does Mr. Brown visit B. w...