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英 语 试 卷
(全卷共九个大题 满分:150分 考试时间:120 分钟)
第 I 卷 (共70分)
I. 单项选择。(每小题1分,共20分)
( ) 1. It was _______ usual day, but ______ university girl named Gao Yu was killed by a driver.
A. an; a B. a; a C. a; an D. an; the
( ) 2.While I was at the ___, I heard a nurse _______Davy’s name.
A. doctor’s; call B. doctors’; to call
C. doctor’s ; calling D. doctor; calling
( ) 3.I found _______ interesting to watch the documentary A Bite Of China II.
A. it’s B. that’s C. that D. it
( ) 4.Jim was _______ tired and needed to have a rest.
A. a little bit B. a bit of C. a few D. little
( ) 5. -Which team do you like best in the 2014 World Cup?
-I love Germany. Because they never give up____ there are difficulties in front of them.
A. but B. even though C. however D. unless
( ) 6.What a big whale! Please tell me ______ it weighs.
A. how much B. how heavily C. what D. how big
( ) 7.Teachers’ Day is coming. I’m looking for a gift for my teacher, but I can’t find __________.
A. something suitable B. anything suitable C. suitable nothing D.suitable everything
( ) 8.-Must I finish all the work in two days?
-No, you ______. We have enough time.
A. can’t B. mustn’t C. needn’t D. won’t
( ) 9.-He _____in bed all the morning without doing anything.
-I have known it, but he ____to me about it.
A. lied, lied B. lay, lay C. lied, lay D. lay, lied
( ) 10. -Do you enjoy Han Lei’s songs?
-Yes. He is the winner of I’m Singer II. I can’t think of anyone with a ______ voice.
A. better B. best C. more D. most
( ) 11.Due ______ the Ebola(埃博拉)virus disease, Nigeria didn’t take part _____ the Youth Olympics.
A.to; / B. with; with C. to; in D. as; in
( ) 12.We have two rooms ______, but I can’t decide ______.
A. to live; to choose which one B. to live in; what to choose
C. to live; where to choose D. to live in; which one to choose
( ) 13.-Could you please tell me _______?
-I don’t know, either.
A. what’s wrong B. what the matter is C. what wrong is D. what is happen
( ) 14.—Why didn’t you answer my phone at 7:30 last night?
—Sorry, _______.
A. I go out with my mom. B. I folded my clothes in my bedroom.
C. I was hanging out with friends. D. I am doing my homework.
( ) 15. My brother _____ school ______ two years ago.
A. has left; since ...