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温馨提醒: 本卷共6大题,满分100分,60分钟完成,请不要用铅笔答题



1. There is going to be ____English test ____ next week.b5E2RGbCAP
A. an, a B. the, a C. an, / D. an, thep1EanqFDPw
2. The farmer saw ____ in the sky.
A. something strange B. strange something
C. anything strange D. strange anything
3. Hurry up. There is ____time left.
A. little B. a few C. a little D. fewDXDiTa9E3d
4. I feel hungry. ____ me something to eat, please.RTCrpUDGiT
A. Take B. Carry C. Bring D. Have
5. –Excuse me. May I have _____ water?
A. the, B. some, C. any, D. any,
6. –I’m sorry I don’t know where the shop is. Please ask the policeman over there.5PCzVD7HxA
A. All right B. it doesn’t matterC. Not at all D. Thank all the same jLBHrnAILg
7. Tell him ____ out of the window.
A. don’t to look B. don’t look C. not look D. not to lookxHAQX74J0X
8. Beihai Park is one of ____ parks in Beijing.
A. the most beautiful B. more beautiful C. beautiful D. most beautifulLDAYtRyKfE
9. The doctor is very tired ____ he is still working very hard.Zzz6ZB2Ltk
A. but B. if C. only D. whendvzfvkwMI1
10. ____ boy he is!
A. What a good B. What good C. How good D. How a goodrqyn14ZNXI
11. I must finish my homework first. Can I go there a little ____?EmxvxOtOco
A. early B. earlier C. late D. laterSixE2yXPq5
12. It’s not far. It’s only ten ____ walk.
A. minute B. minute’s C. minutes’ D. minutes6ewMyirQFL
13. I like the summer in Beijing, but my father ____.kavU42VRUs
A. isn’t B. not like C. likes not D. doesn’ty6v3ALoS89
14. Class begins. Please stop____.
A. talk B. talking C. to talk D. talksM2ub6vSTnP
15. I would like you ____ together with me.
A. play B. will play C. to play D. playing0YujCfmUCw
16. ---I was ill in bed yesterday.
--- _____.
A. I’m glad to hear that B. Thanks a loteUts8ZQVRd
C. I’m sorry to hear that D. CongratulationssQsAEJkW5T
17. Ben often ___football ____ the weekend, but ___ hard on ___.GMsIasNXkA
A. play。 at。 study。 weekdays B. plays。 at。 studies。 weekdaysTIrRGchYzg
C. plays。 on。 studies。 weekend D. plaies。 at。 studys。 weekday7EqZcWLZNX
18. I think English is a little ___ than Chinese.
A. more interesting B. interesting
C. much interesting D. most interesting
19. He came...