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2020-2021年初一英语上册同步练 Unit 3 Is this your pencil? Section B

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2020-2021 年初一英语上册同步练 Unit 3 Is this your pencil? Section B

2. 请求;恳求(给予)______
3. email me ______
4. in Classroom 7E ______
5. call me at 4658267______
1.your school ID cards
2. ask…for…
3. 给我发邮件
4. 在 7E 教室
5. 打电话 4658267 找我

1.I ______ my father for a notebook.
2.Please______ me at 4649950.
3.______ books are on the desk. Are they yours?
4.Thank you for your ______, Tom.
5.I ______ my watch and I must ______ it.
【答案】1.ask 2.call 3.Some 4.help 5.lost; find
1.—What color are these ______ (box)?
—They're yellow.
2.—How ______ you ______ (spell) it?
—K E Y.
3.These ______ (notebook) are Jack's.
help, ask, find, some, call, lose

4.I lost my keys. Can you ______ (help) me find them?
5.The ring is nice. Is it ______ (your)?
【答案】1.boxes 2.do; spell 3.notebooks 4.help 5.yours
1.Please call Alan______ 4955392.
A .in B .of C .at D .for
【解析】 “call sb. at+电话号码”意为“拨打……找某人”。
2.—Is this Kate's bicycle?
—No, ______ is under the tree. She put it there this morning.
A .his B .hers C .mine D .yours
凯特的自行车。故选 B。
3.—Is this your son's sweater?
—No, ______ is on the chair behind the desk.
A .hers B .yours C .his D .he
【解析】考查代词。句意:“这是你儿子的毛衣吗?”“不是,他的毛衣在书桌后的椅子上。”hers 意为“她的”;
yours 意为“你的;你们的”;his 意为“他的”;he 意为“他”。由上文“your son's sweater”可知,此处应用名词
性物主代词 his 代替。故选 C。
4.Some keys ______ in Classroom 3F. Please ask the teacher ______ them.
A.is; to B.are; for C.is; at D.are; on
【解析】some keys 作为主语是复数,叙述的又是真实情况,所以第一空填 are,ask sb for sth 是固定搭配,
所以第二空填 for
5.—Is this ______ computer?
—Yes, it's ______. My mother bought it for me.
A.you; me B.your; my C.yours; mine D.your; mine

其后的名词 computer,应用形容词性物主代词,表示“你的”应用 your;后者没有名词,表示“我的电脑”应用
名词性物主代词 mine。故选 D。
6.John often asks his teacher______help.
A. to B. with C. for D. on
7.My parents always ask me _______ more vegetables and fruit.
A. eat B. eating C. to eat D. eats
【解析】ask sb. to do sth.表示“要求某人做某事”。
8.Look!The set of keys_____ on the teacher’s desk.
A. are B. were C. is D. was