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(考试时间: 100分钟;满分: 120 分) 得分
1. Please _________ look at the blackboard.
A. not B. don’t to C. don’� D. no
2. There _________ any money on the floor.
A. are B. is C. isn’t D. aren’t
3. Let me help you _________ the box.
A. to finds B. to see C. look D. find
4. I can’t speak _________ English. What’s that _________ English?
A. /, of B. in, in C. /, in D. the, /
5. Are Lily and Lucy in _________ class? No, they are in _________
A. the same, the different B. a same, a different C. same,
different D. the same, different
6. Jim likes _________ TV after school.
A. watch B. watches C. to watch D. to see
7. The clothes are green. I want to _________.
A. colour it red B. colour it to red C. colour them red D.
colour them to red
8. _________ young man in a black shirt is _________ good worker.
A. The, the B. The, a C. An, a D. An, the
9. It’s 7 o’clock. It’s time for _________.
A. get to school B. go to school C. school D. schools
10. These books are Miss Li’s. Please give _________
A. her tem B. them to her C. it to her D. her it.
11. Mr Smith is forty, but he _________ very old.
A. look B. looks like C. looks D. look like
12. This isn’t _________ skirt. _________ is on the clothes line.
A. my, My B. his, His C. her⋯⋯ Her D. your⋯⋯ Yours
13. _________ is your bike? The green one.
A. Where B. Which C. What D. What colour
14. Who’s the girl _________ green. Is she your sister?
A. on B. in C. in the D. in a
15. Tom is _________ brother.
A. Lucy ’s and Lily B. Lucy’s and Lily’s C. Lucy’s and Lily D.
Lucy and Lily ’s
16. ---- Aren’t you a Young Pioneer? ---- _________.
A. No, I am B. Yes, I ’m not C. Yes, I am D. Yes, I ’m
17. This is _________ picture of _________ Green family.
A. a, a B. the, / C, a, the D. the, the
18. Can you see the bird _________ the apple tree.
A. on B. in C. down D. behind
19. ---- There’s a football game in the afternoon.
---- _________!
A. Sure B. Come on C. Great D. All right
20. _________ woman in red is Wu Hua’s mother.
A. That B. a C. The D. An
21. ---- What’s the time. Please? ---- It’s _________.
A. half to eight B. forty to nine C. thirty-five past seven
D. five to five
22. ---- What colour is your new coat?
---- It ’s _________ orange. It’s _________ orange coat.
A. the, the B. a, an C. /, a D. /, an
23. ----Mr Wang, I ’m very ________ to see you. ---- _________ to
meet you
A. nice, Glad B. fine, Nice C. glad, Gladly D. glad, Nice
24. ---- Who is the girl over there? --...